My name is Kaśka. I'm a photographer, art director and photo retoucher with over 10 years experience. 
Currently based in Berlin.​​​​​​​
As an art director I'm dealing with complex production of advertising photo shoots - from creative vision to advanced postproduction. 
Specialization: fashion, portraits, still life, architecture, interiors, lifestyle. 
In my everlasting struggle to find an ideal harmony, I take no shortcuts. I try to pinpoint and emphasize the mood of the photographed spaces or situations.
I believe that effect of the great high-end retouch should be primarily natural.
My offer is dedicated to sustainable brands and products.
Feel free to contact me in work related contexts, questions or just to say hello!
+48 696 209 717 
Kaśka is a versatile photographer, art director and retoucher with a sincere passion for everything related with image storytelling. She works using a big variety of cameras from analog, vintage minolta through polaroid, modern digitals to even mobile phone camera.
In many of her projects you can see smuggled references to paintings of old masters. That's not without a reason since she has a Master in History of Art.
Between working professionally for many years as a commercial photographer, creative director and producer she did take part in the sailing project "Rockin That Boat" to experience travel photojournalism and come back with the whole set of beautiful images. However she did not collected only standard pretty landscapes but focused as well on ordinary people from places scattered along the shores of Europe.
Since 2011 Kaśka designed and implemented dozens of advertising campaigns for many well-known polish brands. She is a specialist dedicated to sustainable fashion. She moves with ease across a diverse range of formats and aesthetics - which you can easily see for yourself by simply comparing her independent fashion shoots with her latest commercial projects or with travel photo diary.

In July 2019 she won first honorable mention in the contest for fashion photographers organized by Vogue Poland and the Institute of Photography Foundation Fort. As part of the award, the jury decided also to show her photos at the exhibition "Dangerous shots. 100 years of fashion photography in Poland " (Warsaw). 
In May 2020 when the winners of the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award were announced, she was among honourable mentioned photographers. Kaśka is also this year's finalist of the Cherrydeck photo competition.  
On August 28th, 2020, the opening of her individual photo exhibition took place. The exhibition was presented in the interiors of the concept store Konk (Berlin) and was entitled Holy The Everything. It could be viewed until September 10, 2020.
In April 2021 Kaśka received another award from the Cherrydeck platform. This time Cherrydeck recognized not only Kaśka's photographic work, but also the way she presented it on her website. Of the thousands of photographers using the platform, Cherrydeck ranked the website among the 25 Most Beautiful Photographer Websites.
The results of the 16th Julia Margaret Cameron Award were officially announced at the end of May 2021. 3,245 entries were received from 48 countries, from which the judges chose the overall winner and the winners in each category. Jury members: Barbara Davidson, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and Emmy-winning filmmaker, and Elizabeth Biondi, who worked as visual editor of The New Yorker for 15 years until leaving in 2011, now a freelance curator, writer and teacher. This year Kaśka won second prize in the "Fashion and Advertising" category and an honorable mention in the "Culture and Everyday Life" category (both in the professional section). A selection of the awarded works will be exhibited in Barcelona at the 6th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography in December 2021 (FotoNostrum Gallery).
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